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Calming Living & Luxury Social Space

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Blue and brown is a great colour combination that is highly attention seeking. It is doubly comfortable and soft. The beauty of a blue and brown living room lies in the innate charm of the unlikely combination, which makes it so desirable. Soft grey furniture with black metal finishes just add the elegant into the space. Dark wood cabinets and accent blue wall create a greater contrast with the light RevelWoods wood floor.

Luxury Social Area

When it comes to luxury, it is all personal preference. However, all high-end interiors focus on curating elements that deliver big on comfort, quality, detail, and sophistication. It is this refined appearance that makes luxe design so desirable. Beside above mentioned, custom cabinet can integrated Plum wine dispenser which is build-in into your cabinet. This is another luxury features if you don't want get a extra bar cart.

Talk about, No it is not "plum wine". It is a wine dispenser that serve one perfect glass at a time. On top of that, it is the first appliance to automatically preserve, chill, and serve any bottle, by the glass. There are two individuall chilling chambers, it can preserve wine for 90 days at the exact tempeture the winemaker intended. Plus Plum works with any standard 750ml bottle of wine with any closure, including natural cork, engineered cork, and metal screw caps. It comes with integrate or countertop version. It is definitely a exquisite product.

For more information, check out their website:, You will find it amazing!!

Design Program: edesign Tribe

Floor: RevelWoods

Wine Dispenser: Plum wine

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