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Getting tired of just a white wall or painted wall? How about wall covering?

Wall-coverings are a great impersonator. It can change the visual appearance of your room in many ways. It is economical, and are easy to install.

Wallcoverings can brightens a dark room, adds character to a dull room, warms up a room with no architectural features, creates a cozy atmosphere, frames the room's best features or reveals your personality more than any other wall treatment.

In addition, wallcoverings features certain patterns such as stripes and overall prints to perform optical illusions that make rooms that ordinarily look too long, too boxy or have low ceilings appear more proportionate. Beside that, no other decorating product offers so much color, design and coverage to suit any mood, taste and need.

Designed by Cmod Interiors: Modern Home Office

Wallcovering set a theme.

Today collections are also user-friendly, featuring a host of coordinating patterns, borders and color schemes that create a unified design theme throughout your home. Spread some personality in every room!

Wallcoveirng creates detail where there once was none.

Wallcoverings are the economical way to add missing architectural elements to your room without hiring a general contractor. Create a chair rail with a wallcovering border. Use a full-wall pattern cut into proportionate shapes to make a paneled effect up a wall leading to a vaulted ceiling. Draw attention to a fireplace focal-point wall by wrapping it with a strong pattern, or create a focal-point wall using the same strong pattern on any blank wall. All it takes is a little imagination.

Wallcoverings coordinate with the looks you love.

Today's wallcoverings designers have captured virtually every fashion statement popular today from fresh country looks to upscale modern motifs.

Designed by Cmod Interiors: Modern Dining Room | Shop My Top Look

Wallcoverings add value to your home.

It covers flaws in the wall surface that paint can't, and rotects the wall surface from marks made by today's busy family. It also provides certain air of quality and richness not found in uncovered walls. It is an excellent fast-fix for those selling their home. Wallcoverings offer a wide range of subtle patterns and colors to neutralize the interior to fit anyone's style. Adds value to your most important investment. Retail studies show that a tastefully decorated home can attain a 10 to 15 percent increase in property value.

So don't be afraid to have some wall-covering in your space.

Information by: Wall Covering Association

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