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Let's the Challenge Begin

Hosted by Seasonal Living & Edesign Platform @edesign.tribe and @seasonal_living_trd

I joined Edesign platform at their early stage. I must say I'm one of their senior member. Throughout the years, the Edesign platform continue to growth and a build a very strong E-designer community. Jenna Gaiduesk, Founder of the Edesign Platform, an interior designer, a working mom, who dedicated her time build this community while looking after her young daughter and now a baby boy, intention to share all of her knowledge to the edesigners. She had build a EdesignU allow designer enhance their knowledges and help them to created a business model that can generate more lead. The platform also add on rendering software which is big success for edesigners as their 3D rendering program create the most realistic images without using high profile design software. For more about the edesigntribe and its platform, check out their link:

Early November, edesigntribe had announced a partnership with Seasonal Living hosting the largest design competition, open to the A&D community anywhere in the USA (including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska), Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. #SLDesignChallenge The challenge aim to create a wellness environment indoor and outdoor living. Showcase not only our amazing design specifier skills but also our rendering expertise

Despite the winning price, I wanted to challenge myself. The design process was fun: first I need to find myself a floor plan, went through some outdoor images as inspiration, created a building using the edesigntribe platform, went through few hi-cups, but I did overcome it. Review the Seasonal Living furniture collections and specification, finally put everything together. It took me a month to complete this design.

So what do think? (See the video below:)

The Seasonal living product is amazing. They have over 200 products fit for any spaces in any environment. From traditional setting to modern setting, you got it all.

Shop My Top look for this challenge will be up soon, stay tune!!

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